Canadian vaccine against the cat allergen being trialled in the UK

Trials are taking place in the UK for a vaccine against the cat allergen

A Frenco-Canadian pharmaceutical company called Angany, based in Québec city, Canada, has been cleared to conduct human trials on a cat allergy vaccine in the UK. The vaccine is called ANG-101. They say that it is a “First in human, open-label and single site evaluation of the safety, allergenicity and immunogenicity of the new …

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Too many people are sceptical about the safety and efficacy of routine dog vaccines

There is a high level of scepticism about dog vaccines in America which is concerning and it arises out of the Covid-19 pandemic when there was a lot of misinformation promulgated on social media

It looks as if the rumour mill and conspiracy theories on social media which bombarded people during and after Covid-19 concerning vaccinations against the disease has affected people’s views of pet vaccinations. The experts say that the Covid-19 “infodemic” has undermined trust in vaccinations. This came about because there were hundreds of millions of …

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Can Savannah cats be vaccinated like other domestic cats?

Can Savannah cats be vaccinated like other domestic cats

The answer to the question in the title is, YES. But the reason why I ask the question is because a lady on a page of mine about serval cats as pets said that “The Savannah, like servals, cannot be vaccinated for distemper, FeLV and other cat diseases which means they cannot safety be …

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Tragedy: 3 snow leopards die of Covid

3 snow leopards die of Covid at Lincoln Children's Zoo

NEWS AND COMMENT: Lincoln Children’s Zoo in Nebraska have announced on their Facebook page at November 12, 2021 that three snow leopards passed away due to complications of Covid-19. They name the leopards as: Ranney, Everest, and Makalu. In contrast, a couple of Sumatran tigers made full recoveries after contracting Covid. It makes you …

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Don’t F***k**g Breathe on My Kitten you unvaxxed selfish POS

Amusing mockup of a book cover

I just got this book from the library 😉. Judging by the response to this tweet, this mockup of a book is very popular (see it below). It’s been done very well. It amused me. Like 90% of people in developed countries, I am one of those who strongly believes in and welcomes the …

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Can cat vaccinations cause diarrhoea?

The balance of risk of cat vaccinations

Yes, cat vaccinations can cause diarrhoea. Sometimes cats have an allergic reaction to a vaccine. These are called type I hypersensitivity responses or anaphylaxis. It is a well documented adverse response associated with vaccine administration in companion animals.

Nasty reaction to cat vaccine
Nasty reaction to cat vaccine

The hypersensitivity reaction usually occurs within minutes and shows in symptoms of diarrhoea, vomiting, upper respiratory issues such as sneezing and coughing. Other symptoms include anaphylactic shock, issues with the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system and skin. There may be cardiovascular collapse. It appears that in very rare cases the reaction may prove fatal.

The treatments include the administration of anti-inflammatory agents such as antihistamines, corticosteroids or epinephrine. Cats suffering from an allergic reaction need to be monitored for at least 48 hours because a relapse might occur.

Source: Brooks R. Adverse reactions to canine and feline vaccines. Australian Veterinary Journal, 68:342-344 (1991) as referred to in Linda P Case’s The Cat.

Note: I am not a vet. I have a studied biology and am a careful researcher.

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