Feline morbillivirus linked to feline chronic kidney disease

Cat in front of the Feline morbillivirus (FeMV)

Feline morbillivirus (FeMV) was, I’m told, first reported in Hong Kong and mainland China in 2012. It has been associated with kidney inflammation (nephritis). It can infect domestic and wild cats. A study in 2016 published on the National Library of Medicine in the USA, concluded that the association between morbillivirus and chronic kidney …

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How common is leukaemia in cats? It varies.

A FeLV cat who had FeLV years ago. I hope he had a decent life.

The question in the title is incomplete because it implies that the question is about cancer; a type of blood and bone marrow cancer but when leukaemia is spoken about in the context of domestic cats it means a virus, specifically, the feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) which is the most important cause of cancer …

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Gently stroking and talking to cats at rescue centers prevents upper respiratory infections

Shelter worker adopts shelter cat

You might not have heard of the words. I certainly hadn’t until today. They are “gentling” and to be “gentled”. Gentling is the action of stroking a cat gently and talking to them equally gently. It is the kind of thing that a rescue centre worker would want to do naturally because it is …

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Vaccinating Siberian tigers against canine distemper virus

Amur tiger

A research study by the scientists of Cornell Wildlife Health Center, in association with others e.g. Dr. Sarah Cleaveland of the University of Glasgow, have concluded that even a low rate of vaccination at two Siberian tigers per year within a small population can reduce the tigers’ risk of extinction significantly “at a cost …

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How do indoor cats get colds?

Indoor cat

Indoor cats can get colds if they come into direct contact with infected discharge from another cat who has got a cold. Or they come into contact with contaminated litter boxes, water bowls and human hands. The disease is also transmitted by airborne droplets. The virus can be stable for as long as 10 …

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WSAVA says cats should be kept indoors until coronavirus peters out

World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) has issued advice for all pet owners that cats should be kept indoors

This advice by the World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) applies to any country. Dr Michael Lappin the chairman of the association has encouraged all cat owners to keep their companion animals indoors for the time being. This is interesting advice because no one, not a single person, in the UK is listening to …

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Vet explains basic difference between FeLV and FIV (audio)

FIV and FeLV - difference explained by a vet

Dr. Diane Delmain of Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine explains the basic differences in an interview by WLTZ First News between FeLV and FIV. FeLV stands for ‘feline leukemia virus’ while FIV stands for ‘feline immunodeficiency virus’. I shortened the interview deliberately for technical reasons. You can see the full interview if you …

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