Who’s more territorially aggressive? The human or the cat?

Putin murders thousands of innocent civilians to try and claim the independent territory of Ukraine

We think of cats as territorial and of male cats aggressively fighting each over their territory but humans are infinitely worse. The infographic summarises the situation at 2023. But you can look back in history and see all the wars over territory. The list is too long. Anyway, I don’t need to research it. …

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Why do domestic cats still wish to maintain a home range?

Domestic cat home range in Australia

The reason why the domestic cat’s wildcat ancestor maintains a home range i.e. a section of landscape that they call home, is because they want to protect a food resource. This makes sense. It’s about survival. The domestic cat, in a typical home where they are well looked after, has a ready-made food source. …

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Unconcerned domestic cat leaps off balcony 12 feet up onto sidewalk to chase a cat

Nugget leaps from 12 feet onto a hard surface

Nugget, a domestic cat, was on a balcony attached to what looks like a first-floor apartment in a condo. I am guessing the height. Anyway, it looks too high for a cat to safely jump from especially as it is onto a pavement (sidewalk) and therefore a hard surface. But he is compelled to …

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Domestic cat territory – home ranges vary widely

How large is domestic cat territory? As large as the front living room. No, I am being sarcastic but for some this is almost true. I am talking about what is referred to as the ‘home range’ of the domestic cat when free to roam as a high percentage are in the UK, but …

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Why do indoor cats spray?

Indoor cat spraying - clean up

The question is asking why indoor cats spray urine, which is done, as you probably know, to establish territory. Because this is the purpose of spraying urine (normally onto vertical surfaces) it occurs when cats feel that their territory is threatened by an ‘invading’ cat. How might this happen to an indoor cat? Some …

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Cat gives up being well cared for to sleep rough in his own territory

Gucci and Vicky

How many times have domestic cat wandered back to their territory after they have moved to a new home a few miles away? Or if the move is many miles they may attempt to return and fail. They become lost but in all these instances domestic cats have prioritised being in what they consider …

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“My cat is goddam KING”. Cat defends his home against inquisitive raccoon.

Cat defends home from raccoon

The video has gone viral. A security camera outside the door to the home of Lindsay Mills recorded the unusual event. An inquisitive raccoon gingerly sniffs his way up the steps towards the cat door (cat flap). When he arrives he gets a nasty surprise. The defence of territory comes before all else for …

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