Animal pound directors often falsely claim dogs are aggressive to kill them. Discuss.

Centerton Animal Shelter in the news

Nathan Winograd tells people who receive his emails that “Pound directors often falsely claim dogs are aggressive to kill them. But experience and studies prove that more than 99% of dogs brought to shelters can be safely adopted.” You get the same sort of issues with cat shelters, so this article covers both cats …

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How 50 cats and 220 dogs drowned inside Bahamas animal shelter

Humane Society of Grand Bahama after the hurricane

We now have the full story of how the cats and dogs drowned at the Humane Society of Grand Bahama. I think it is worth telling. Lessons can be learned. The executive director of the shelter, Elizabeth Burrows, had believed that the shelter building would keep the flood water out. It was built off …

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Cat survivors of the deadly dog attack at Alabama shelter relocated to Ohio shelter

Dothan Animal Shelter

Thirty cats from the Dothan Animal Shelter who survived the shocking attack by two dogs from the same shelter who forced their way out of their cage killing 29, are being shipped out (or have been relocated already) to the Northeast Ohio SPCA No-Kill Pet Shelter in Palma. I am told that the cats …

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Sister and brother rescue cats separated by shelter cried for each other incessantly

Sibling cats separated at shelter and they cried for each other

This long-winded video demonstrates that shelters should keep close siblings together whenever appropriate. This is an example of separation anxiety not of a cat missing his human caretaker but of one cat missing another. Although the video is teased out in length and overly long, the point made is clear and important. When there …

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Animal shelter inadvertently gave me a pregnant cat then demanded that I abort and spay her

Pregnant Cat

By Tracey Wilson – Readers’ Forum Our local SPCA adopted a cat to us. I noticed after a week that she seemed to be getting quite fat. I put it down to eating well but she just kept getting bigger. After having her for a little under two weeks I took her to our …

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Volunteer choked up about euthanizing all the cats at animal shelter

Sullivan County Animal Shelter cats now dead

All the cats (up to 60) have been euthanised at the Sullivan County Animal Shelter because a kitten adopted from the shelter was diagnosed with feline panleukopenia (feline distemper or parvo). The other cats were evaluated and the decision to kill them all was made. However, one volunteer referred to ‘Kitty’, a cat recently …

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Philadelphia woman enraged after shelter amputates a deformed leg on her lost 16-year-old cat

A Philadelphia woman is enraged after her cat was turned into her local animal shelter after escaping from her home on Saturday. The Animal Care and Control Team said that due to 16-year-old Stinky having “a limp” and the shelter not having the equipment to perform x-rays, one of Stinky’s legs was amputated. Stinky …

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