Should rescue centres charge more for pedigree cats and dogs?

Is it fair that some rescue centers have higher adoption fees for purebred cats than moggies?

Some quick research indicates that some rescue centres charge more for purebred, pedigree cats and dogs. In other words, the adoption fee is higher for pedigree animals but is this policy fair and proper? RELATED: Be saintly and adopt a rescue cat you don’t like the look of Before I try and answer the …

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Cat TV for rescue cats at shelters to enrich their environment

A cat watches TV at PAWS in Lynnwood. The animal rescue is seeking TV donations. Photo - Lynn Jefferson at PAWS

Here’s a cool idea which I like a lot from the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Lynnwood, USA. They installed a 47-inch flat panel TV facing the cages containing the cats at their rescue. The cats are held in a windowless room. What can cats do when they’re in a cage in a …

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Austin Animal Shelter tried to gag rescuers

Austin Animal Shelter

The No Kill Advocacy Center reported on their Facebook page that Austen’s animal shelter had enacted a new rescue policy which banned rescuers making public statements about the shelter management which they deemed were inappropriate, negative or offensive. To me that looks like a gagging clause in their contract. The policy also allowed the …

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Animal shelters in poorer European countries are suffering because of coronavirus pandemic

Lucy Watson has a fundraiser for Greek animal rescue

NEWS/OPINION: It is reported ( that animal rescues in the less well developed European countries in terms of animal welfare are suffering because of the coronavirus outbreak. Countries such as Romania and Greece are not wonderful bastions of animal welfare anyway. Romania has a bad record on animal welfare and should not be in …

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Should animal shelters release information on what rescue saves a cat in their facility?

Cat in shelter

This article touches on a subject that has divided animal shelters and animal advocates for quite some time now. It’s the argument on how much the public should know about what goes on behind animal shelter walls concerning the fate of a particular dog or cat. Since this is a cat website, I’ll refer to …

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