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Cat walking normally

Interpreting the way your cat walks

A cat’s gait is one way of interpreting your cat’s mood, her health and mentality. What you can interpret is quite limited but it’s a diagnostic tool which may come in handy from time...

Direct register cat gait

Direct Register Cat Gait

The image explains the direct register cat gait: The cat is walking in sand which makes tracking the paws very clear and easy. It shows that this cat’s hind paws are placed in the...

Cat walking. Photo: Warren Photographic. The gait is a pacing gait.

How Do Cats Walk?

Cats walk on their toes. They are digitigrades as are dogs. Cats ‘directly register’. This means that they place each hind paw almost directly into the print of the corresponding forepaw. This minimises visible...

Cat gait

Cat Gait

Lets get one thing out of the way first. In this article, “cat gait” refers to the way a cat walks. The word “gait” is quite rarely used so I thought that it would...

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