A Cat’s Unalloyed Joy And Love After Release From Living In Dog Crate (Video)

Lovebug cat

“She was in a hoarding situation where she was left confined to a dog crate for most of her life. Luckily she has been rescued from that horrible life!” – Furry Nation Salvation. “Meet ‘Love Bug’. It is easy to … please continue reading

British animal rescue organisation insists that adopted cats are free to roam outside

A British animal rescue organisation, which I can’t name today, insists that cats adopted from them are allowed to roam outside entirely freely. On what I have heard first hand, it makes no difference if you live in London or … please continue reading

A cat fosterer should not adopt the cat she is fostering

A cat fosterer should have committed to the role before embarking on it and the role is about improving cat welfare generally. My first foster cat has been adopted and I have mixed emotions: sadness at losing him and pride … please continue reading

Shelter fosters given responsibility to market cats and find adopters

This article deals with a new approach in finding homes for the unwanted shelter pets at Greenville County Animal Care Services, a high-kill shelter in upstate South Carolina. Please read over their new system, and leave a comment on whether … please continue reading