UK’s teenage girls are like canaries in a coal mine signalling dire world problems

The kids – acting like canaries in a coal mine – are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up the management of the planet. The self-indulgent, egocentric adults don’t get it but the kids do. The kids see it and feel it. They see a bleak future but the adults are still messing around with climate change and getting into wars. It simply isn’t good enough. The grown-ups need to listen and look at what the kids are telling them.

The schoolkids are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up in managing the planet so they stop eating in a kind of protest
The schoolkids are signalling to the adults that they are screwing up in managing the planet so they stop eating in a kind of protest

The Times has covered this very well. There is an increase in suicidal thoughts, self-harming and eating disorders among teenage schoolgirls in the UK. It has been like that for a good while and it’s getting worse.

Kids’ behavior is a warning

They are acting as canaries in the mine for the adults of this world. They are forewarning the people who run the country and those that manage the world that they are doing a terrible job and it is all going pear-shaped.

The schoolgirls and boys don’t like what they see and they are protesting by going on hunger strike which is interpreted as an eating disorder by the experts but I see it as a protest.

Thunberg lectures the out of touch adults of this world who manage the dying planet.

Hunger strike

Today’s article in The Times tells us that, “distressed teenage girls are going on hunger strike and being treated at A&E, doctors are warned, amid a surge in emergency mental health admissions for children.”

Canaries in the mine

You see, as mentioned and I’ll say it again, I regard today’s children as canaries in the mine shaft. You might know what I mean but I’ll explain. Back in the day miners used to take a canary down a mine shaft to warn of dangers; odourless gases such as carbon monoxide because the canaries would respond by dying or behaving in a way which indicated the gases were present.

So, I say that the schoolchildren are signalling to the adults through their extreme behaviour that the direction of travel for the world is utterly incorrect and dire. There is a very strong drift at the moment towards aggression among countries and like some military generals, I can see the world drifting to a World War 3 scenario. It almost seems inevitable. It even makes me slightly anxious. I have felt this way for about four years.

Six-fold increase in eating disorders

New statistics from the UK reveal that there has been a sixfold increase in children with eating disorders being admitted to hospital from A&E over the past 10 years. Admissions to NHS children’s wards in a mental health emergency in 2022 amounted to 40,000 children aged between 5 and 18 which is up 65% from 2012.

Of those receiving inpatient treatment, 53% had self-harmed and 79% were girls.

Refusing to eat

The report is that paediatricians are concerned about girls simply “refusing to eat” because they feel “sad, anxious or out-of-control.”

That simple statement sums everything up to me. It encapsulates the problem. The kids are telling the adults that they are screwing up. And the adults should be ashamed of themselves.

The assessment comes from a study led by a team at University College London which is to be presented next month at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) conference.

This is horrible

Dr. Karen Street, the officer first mental health at RCPCH said:

“We’ve seen a massive rise in the number of children presenting at A&E in acute distress. They may be crying, shouting, have harmed themselves or are refusing to eat. During lockdown we saw a sudden spike in teenage girls who were not eating. For some it is not to do with body image. It is almost like a hunger strike, a refusal to eat because of what is going on around them. It is almost another form of self-harm. There are children and young people who are so distressed they feel their only answer is to refuse to eat. Obviously, they get very ill very quickly.”

Dr. Karen Street

She further added: “We need to ask what it is about society that has become so unbearable for children and young people at the moment.”


I’ll provide my response to that enquiry. As mentioned, the future looks bleak for these kids primarily because of global warming and secondly because of the wars in Ukraine and the Middle East. The behaviour of Russia intimidates the world. The behaviour of China is also intimidating and aggressive. North Korea looks dangerous. The world looks dangerous. The kids pick this up and they don’t see a future. All they can do is to protest in the only way they know how; to go on a collective hunger strike.

What has this got to do with cats!? Everything and nothing. With this level of screw up by the leaders everything on the planet is jeopardised.

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Chinese were developing a Covid-19 vaccine 5 months before it was declared a pandemic!

NEWS AND VIEWS: This story is yet more evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic started in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China; a laboratory (‘lab’) allegedly linked to the Chinese military in developing a biowarfare agent based on a novel coronavirus obtained from a bat species found in a mineshaft in China. The White Coat Waste Project (WCW) have done some sterling work on this in stopping American partial funding of this lab. Can you believe it? American taxpayers were supporting this lab, and obscene cat testing experiments in Russia, another adversary of America. Madness stopped by WCW

Stronger evidence that COVID-19 started at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Anyway, the Daily Mail reports that a scientist at the lab, Zhou Yusen, was working on a vaccine for Covid-19 a full five months before the World Health Organisation declared it a pandemic on March 11, 2020.

Wuhan Insitute of Virology
Wuhan Insitute of Virology, Image in the public domain.

To the suspicious mind (and I have one!) and to the conspiracy theorists, this suggests that the lab was indeed developing a biowarfare weapon and that the Chinese had developed a vaccine before the world knew about it and before it escaped from the lab.

It almost points to an attempt to deliberately spread a virus around the world to harm the economic prospects of competing nations to boost China’s economic standing and to achieve absolute dominance. That’s a personal thought.

The scientist that I have mentioned, Zhou Yusen, had filed a patent for a Covid-19 vaccine on Feb 24, 2020, a month before China put the city of Wuhan into lockdown.

As it would have taken about 3 months to develop the vaccine, the scientists at the lab were working on a vaccine in November 2019 which is 2 months before Beijing told the world about Covid and five months before it was declared a pandemic.

The sinister twist is that the Chinese reported that “Zhou fell from the roof of the Institute”! He was reportedly thrown off. He died in mysterious circumstances.

Was he about to spill the beans and tell the world the truth about the origin on the Covid-19 pandemic?

When the WHO went to China to try and discover the origin of the disease, they were barred from entering the laboratory! Their work was a waste of time. In effect they were supporting Beijing’s great defensiveness about their involvement in the pandemic. A defensiveness which points to guilt.

P.S. What has this got to do with cats!? Everything because Covid killed 7 million people worldwide. A lot of cats lost their caregiver. And many cats were killed in China and in North Korea by people believing that the cat was a vector for the disease.

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North Korea is hell on Earth for cats and dogs

For three and a half years North Korea has been shut off from the rest of the world. The Covid-19 pandemic started the process. But before that they were an unknown nation. Except for the little man with a funny haircut. The world knows his appearance rather too well because he likes to develop his nuclear arsenal at enormous expense while his nation starves to death.

North Koreans are starving to death thanks to his policies
North Koreans are starving to death thanks to his policies. Image: MikeB

A recent analysis suggests that if Kim Jong-un paused or stopped his nuclear weapons development programme the money saved would save his entire nation from starvation. He doesn’t care. He has no sensitivity towards his nation’s citizens.

A recent BBC television programme presented, with great caution, interviews with North Koreans today. It is clear that many North Koreans are dying of starvation. This isn’t the first time.

Kim Jong-un’s insensitivity has resulted in him threatening North Koreans with punishment if they waste food. As if people are going to waste food! They can’t find the stuff! They can’t get their hands on it. Hardly the circumstances under which people will waste it.

I’m afraid that Kim Jong-un is another slightly deranged dictator. I just written about Putin and Medvedev and his cronies. They, too, are in my view slightly deranged which literally threatens the survival of humankind.

A little while ago I wrote on the topic of whether there were cats and dogs in North Korea. You will find various answers to that enquiry. I started off by asking, “How are we going to know!”.

North Korea is the most secretive place on the planet. But I remember also that Kim Jong-un decreed that all cats (and dogs?) must be killed as well as pigeons during the Covid-19. The concept was to stop the spread of the disease because in his misplaced madness he believed that cats spread the disease when there was nothing among the scientific literature which supported that assertion.

But Kim Jong-un’s diktat of mass slaughter of people’s pets provides us with a clue as to the attitude in North Korea towards cats and dogs. I sense that this is not a good attitude! Pets have been declared as being too bourgeois by the dictator.

Also, pets are very expensive to look after properly. It seems that North Koreans are in general very poor because they are shut off from the world. The country can’t trade and generate wealth. They have to rely on their own food production.

My research indicates that North Korea has suffered the worst food shortage in decades in part because there was widespread flooding caused by heavy rains destroying crops and homes across North Korea which may be due to climate change. Also, the main agricultural product, potatoes, in the northern regions of North Korea has seen a dramatic decline in production due to drought.

To get to the point of the article. North Korea is hell on earth for cats and dogs. Fortunately, in my opinion, there aren’t many cats and dogs in North Korea and therefore not many of them are experiencing what I call hell. And if there were some there are less of them after Covid-19 for the reason mentioned above.

If some pets remain after all that, they must be starving to death just like their human owners. And if they aren’t starving, they’ve probably been eaten already by their owners. I wouldn’t expect there to be any pets left in that benighted country.

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Are there pets in North Korea?

Kim Jong-un has a cat
Kim Jong-un has a cat! I am kidding of course. I think he hates cats.

How are we going to know! It is the most secretive place on earth where they worship, as a god, an obese, chain-smoking shorty with a funny haircut who’s allegedly very ill.

Well, the best place to find out is the front page of the internet, Reddit. At least that is a good starting point.

Relying on visits to the country and first-hand sightings they tell us that there are very few cats and dogs in North Korea. The reason put forward is that the citizens of the country are generally so poor that they don’t have the means to feed a pet. They are starving. All the money the country earns goes on new nuclear missiles and feeding the tens of thousands of generals who follow their god-like leader with notepad and pencil recording every word he utters.

Apparently on one tourist tour the guide shouted, ‘Look a dog’ as he pointed one out which happened to be a toy poodle. He explained that he was excited to see the animal because tourists always ask why nobody has a dog. A Western guide on the bus said the poodle belonged to the French Consular’s wife! ๐Ÿ™‚ .

One of the those who had visited the capital, Pyongyang, said that there was just one cat at a restaurant. The cat was cute and friendly….and very alone.

Perhaps one reason why there are so few cats and dogs is because they eat them as they are so damned starved.

I expect there to be cat and dog pets in North Korea but far less of them than in America or the West generally. There must be some feral cats and dogs too. There won’t be a ‘feral cat problem’ as is so often discussed in America (in N. Korea they’ve eaten them all). I’d expect cats to be rarer than dogs as dogs are more utilitarian and, in their eyes, more useful e.g., security. And of course, the relationship does not have the best of foundations as eating cats and dogs precludes them being pets. They are livestock instead.

North Korean stamp featuring a cat from 1991
North Korean stamp featuring a cat from 1991. Image: Alamy.

Update August 29, 2022: this page really has to be updated because Kim Jong-un has the power to make the pronouncements of a dictator and therefore change everything at a stroke. For example, on 29th of May 2022, I published an article about Kim Jong-un declaring war on cats because he feared that they brought Covid-19 to North Korea. He ordered the destruction of domestic and feral cats in the country together with pigeons.

The question is whether everybody complied with that order and either handed over their cats or allowed the authorities to enter their homes and kill their cats. We don’t know but clearly a large number of animals were slaughtered because of this madman’s dictatorial orders. I think in the entire world there are about four known cases of domestic cats passing on Covid to their owners. So, his demand was massively cruel and unwarranted.

And the news media reported in August 2020 that Kim Jong-un had ordered pet dogs in Pyongyang to be rounded up because they were perceived as a symbol of capitalist decadence. He announced that owning a pet was against the law and that having a dog at home was “a tainted trend of bourgeois ideology”. Pet owners thought that he wanted to round up pets in order to have them killed to feed the nation because they were starving.

A reporter in South Korea said: “Authorities have identified households with pet dogs and are forcing them to give them up or forcefully confiscating them and putting them down”. At the time it was reported that about 60% of North Korea’s 25.5 million people were facing widespread food shortages. And dog meat is considered to be a delicacy on the Korean peninsula. They cat and dog meat in South Korea which is meant to be a relatively civilised country; sadly, not on that basis.

I am sure that these orders from up on high affected the population size of cats and dogs in North Korea. Some must remain having escaped their slaughter but, common sense dictates, that the numbers must be low, far lower than is normal in the West as a proportion to population size.

You will find North Korean stamps (see above) featuring cats. They started to emerge in the 1970s. They range from propaganda images to cuddly fur babies. There are also stamps featuring dogs. There is one from 1987 which was issued for the International Circus Festival in Managua. The stamp carries a Pyongyang watermark. Obviously, we are going back a long time and things have changed in the country because of the madman’s dictatorship.

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Kim Jong-un declares war on cats fearing they bring Covid-19 to North Korea

SUMMARY: Kim Jong-un has ordered the destruction of domestic and feral cats in North Korea together with pigeons because he believes that they spread the coronavirus while bringing it in across the border from China. It is a completely unwarranted and a cruel act of madness by a crazy dictator.

NEWS AND COMMENT: Kim Jong-un has declared war on animals including domestic and feral cats because he believes that they bring Covid-19 into the country. Clearly there is no evidence whatsoever support this. In fact, all the evidence that we have indicates the opposite. Cats do not spread the coronavirus and indeed rarely become infected themselves and if they do it is because humans give it to them. And to imagine that domestic cats are crossing the border from China to spread the disease is insane.

Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un. Photo in public domain.


The North Korean dictator has ordered his “forces” to “eliminate” cats and pigeons under this false belief. His actions are viciously cruel and unwarranted. We are told that the local authorities in towns and cities along the border with China have been shooting at birds and rooting around for cats. We are told that cat owners are refusing to give them up. On one occasion in the town of Hyesan, Yanggang Province, a family was placed into an isolation facility but 20 days for “illegally raising a cat”.

Hyesan, Yanggang Province
Hyesan, Yanggang Province, Photo; Google.

The family of four was placed into quarantine on May 24. The official statement is: “The family was given a punishment of 20 days in isolation for illegally raising the cat following an order not to do so in the border region.”

In the region where this family lived the authorities had ordered people to “catch and eliminate pigeons and cats”. Citizens have been shooting at birds flying over the border from China. Campaigns have been commenced to target both domestic and feral cats. The family concerned said their cat had died but on May 22 but their cat was seen near a fence near the border.

Border patrol guards tried to capture the cat unsuccessfully. The incident was reported to the provincial quarantine command which led to the punishment of the family. The cat was found and taken away and presumably killed. Many North Korean citizens have questioned why the authorities made such a big effort to catch to cat because they don’t believe that the cat would have been able to cross the river into China and then return. In short, they don’t believe in the order handed down by the authorities.

In another interesting development, earlier this month, it was revealed that Kim Jong-un had banned the use of Chinese medicine in major hospitals across North Korea following the death of an official treated with this bogus medicine. He was a 60-year-old bureaucrat popular with the dictator. Banning Chinese medicine is a good idea.

North Korea claims to have had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 during the entirety of the pandemic.

Source: Daily NK and The Mirror.

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