Bicolor cats infographic

Black and white bicolor Scottish Fold kitten from Russia (Siberia)

The infographic by me summarises information about bicolour cats. I hope you find it useful. There are image links to more pages on piebaldism and bicolour cats after the infographic.

Note: I am indebted to Sarah Hartwell of for her knowledge on piebaldism and the images in the middle of the infographic about grading. Other source: me and Gloria Stephens of Legacy of the Cat.

Japanese Bobtail ‘Red Van’ pattern (infographic)

Japanese Bobtail with red van pattern

This is a nice Helmi Flick photograph of a classic Japanese Bobtail with the Van pattern published here with her express permission. This is the classic Turkish Van pattern with the inverted ‘V’ marking over the head and around the ears. The markings are in red in this instance. All Japanese Bobtails have this …

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Woman sees stray kitten in Walmart, buys cat food and a carrier and adopts him on the spot

Woman takes immediate action to adopt a stray cat in Walmart

This is a cool video. So immediate. So instant and so correct. A woman is shopping in a huge Walmart. She spots a crying kitten with a heart-shaped pattern on his back (she named him Wally). The woman says something like, “I’ve always dreamed of this day””. She’s seen videos online and suddenly it …

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Cat has a permanently worried look

Worried stray cat in China

If this cat was a human you would say that they had a “furrowed brow”. A face of worry and anxiety. Whereas a person would be genuinely worried and anxious, for this cat the appearance is due to his or her facial markings around the eyes. I have decided that she is female. I …

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Two of Harvey’s Northern Cyprus rescue cats playing

This is a very brief video by Harvey from Northern Cyprus. It is a kind of snapshot. I asked him to send me some video material if he could because I like to see cats that live in countries other than the USA and UK. Harvey writes this about the video: [It is] an …

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Pretty Cat Amongst Ugly Human Behavior

Marc found this webpage showing these pictures. I took a screenshot. It just tells a story about the ugliness of the human’s behavior set against the innocence of the cat. Quite a contrast. It does seem to sum up the contrast in the behavior of the ‘human animal’ versus the animal. A small vulnerable …

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