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URGENT: Cat Owners in Utah USA Must Read This

The shocking element of this infographic is the conclusion which I came to using simple maths, that over 300,000 domestic cats in loving homes (I hope) are in constant pain, or at the very least discomfort, from the declawing operation that their owners had put them through.

Wild cat species in Utah

Wild cat species in Utah

The two certain wild cat species in Utah are (1) the bobcat and (2) the mountain lion (aka puma). The third possible wild cat species in Utah is the Canada lynx. The reason why...

Clearfield cat abuse

Sage Cat Killing: The Plot Thickens

There are two developments to report following the horrific and well publicized torture and killing of Sage, a cat living in Clearfield, Utah, USA. I speculated that the criminal is local to Sage’s owners...

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