Why do cats sleep in their litter box?

Cat sleeping in their litter box because they are stressed

The main reason why a domestic cat might sleep in their litter box – as shown in the photograph below – is because it strongly smells of their scent due to the presence of poop residue (after it has been cleaned) which means that it is a reassuring place to them. This will be …

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Cats like boxes because they are reassuring

Why cats like boxes

In general, domestic cats love boxes. All domestic cats have the potential to love them. And if they don’t love boxes, they like to squeeze themselves into tight spaces for a snooze such as a flowerpot. The celebrity cat Maru is the world’s leader of box-loving cats. This desire is so strong that cats …

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Cat owners’ smelly clothes are NOT a source of comfort to their cats. Discuss.

A study dated October 2021 called “The effect of owner presence and scent on stress resilience and cats” concluded that the smelly clothes of a cat’s owner do not provide comfort and reassurance to their cat during their absence. This will surprise many if not most, even all, cat owners. It goes against the …

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Why do cats crawl under blankets?

Cat under duvet

Above: My cat under the covers larking around. Photo: Michael. Domestic cats crawl under blankets to: Feel secure; Feel physically warm; Feel emotionally warm and reassured as it is likely that the cat will smell the scent of their human companion; To have some fun. A concern is that cats cannot breathe properly under …

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Do cats trust their owners?

Trusting kitten

Yes and no is my answer. I don’t think the answer is straightforward. Firstly, a cat has to be fully socialised to become a domestic cat who is able to accept living in a human world with their human caretakers. Without socialisation, the cat does not trust the human. You only have to observe …

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4 reasons why cats like to chill out in sinks

Boo in sink

The question contains one of the reasons why domestic cats sometimes like to snooze or sleep inside a bathroom sink. I am referring to the phrase “chill out”. The bathroom sink is uniquely placed to provide certain benefits to a domestic cat particularly while living in a hot environment. Due to global warming, and …

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