For humans and cats touching is very important

Cat wants to touch their caregiver

I’m going to refer to a study which starts off with the words, “Receiving touch is of critical importance”. The words at the end of the study are as follows: “In conclusion, we show clear evidence that such interventions are beneficial across a large number of both physical and mental health outcomes”. This applies …

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Every cat has their favourite way of being petted so find and deliver it to make them happy

Cat's sensitive spot

You’d agree that it is the sworn duty of all cat caregivers to keep their cat safe and make them happy. Those are the two goals and the former precedes the latter. I believe that every cat has a preferred way to be petted. There is no universal petting method. How cats like to …

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Infographic on “Why does a cat like being stroked?”

Bodega cat is petted while enjoying a high advantage point and a bit of heat from a device in a shop.

Because of her early days experiences, a kitten equates being provided for with her mother. As the human caregiver continues to provide for the now adult cat, the cat relates to their human caregiver as their mother. Her true mom licked her kitten a lot during her earliest days to clean them, which is …

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Gentle petting and speaking to shelter cats reduces stress, improves their health and adoptability

Shelter cats are sometimes not given a chance to show their friendly character

It’s been found that when shelter cats are gently petted and talked to their chances of developing an upper respiratory infection are reduced. They are healthier because their immune system picks up. And if shelter cats are not stroked and talk to gently, they are 2.5 times more likely to become sick due to …

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3 reasons why your cat bites you during petting

Biting after or during petting session

I can think of three reasons why a domestic cat might bite their owner during petting. The first is often discussed which is that domestic cats can be overstimulated by petting whereby the cat interprets it as play and, as we know, play incorporates biting. It’s not malicious biting but what I would describe …

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Stroke your cat with the back of your hand

Stroke with the back of the hand

This is a little tip that occurred to me this morning, on Christmas Day 2020. Happy Christmas by the way (an odd Christmas due to the pandemic). Try stroking your cat with the back of your hand. This is something that I do. It is an alternative to the conventional way of petting a …

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The pleasure of being touched by us is the main reason why cats like to be stroked

Petting cat's head

“The ritual of cat owners stroking their cat and their cat asking to be stroked and petted is a bonding process based upon mutually delivering pleasure to each other through contact.” – Michael Domestic cats do like direct contact between themselves and their significant human on their terms. This underpines the ritual of petting. …

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Do cats know that hugs and kisses are a sign of affection?

Kissing a cat!

Do cats know that hugs and kisses are a sign of affection? As both hugs and kisses are not part of the domestic cats natural range of behaviours they’ll have to be learned by the cat for them to be understood and liked. When we kiss or hug our cat we are demonstrating an …

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