Humane Society breaks partnership with local authority because they secretly planned to trap and kill feral cats

Granite Shoals

NEWS AND COMMENT: For me this is an interesting story because it tells us, once again, how local authorities in America and in the UK and I presume other countries struggle with feral cats. Within local authorities there are council members who want to operate TNR programs as the method to control feral cat …

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Who’s to blame when dog kills cat on the Sunshine Coast, Australia?

Sunshine coast Australia

There is a tortuously tricky decision to be made about which owner is liable in terms of criminal behaviour and compensation under a civil claim after a cat wandered onto a next-door neighbour’s property (front garden) and was killed by the dog living at that property on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. The complexity …

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UK councils have a duty to care for cats and other pets of residents taken into hospital (cost £1.08m)

Elmtree Luxury Pet Hotel

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: The Daily Mail newspaper online criticises councils in the UK for spending £1 million in two years (2020-2022) “caring for pets abandoned by owners in ill-health”. I would like to discuss this. This is an informational page that may interest relatives caring for elderly cat owners. The report is criticising councils …

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Not feeding feral cats does not get to the root of the ‘feral cat problem’

Feeding the staving cats

The city of Weed in Siskiyou County, California, has decided to ban the feeding of feral cats. The law is not yet passed but when it is, if you live in Weed, you will not be allowed to feed feral cats in public places including on streets, sidewalks, alleyways and in parks. The objective …

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People prevented from feeding stray cats in the UK

Stray cat photo portrait

This is an extraordinary development as far as I am concerned. Councils in the UK are using a little-known power to impose restrictions on certain kinds of behaviour which the council deems “capable of causing nuisance or annoyance to others”. To international readers, in the UK “councils” are local authorities. Research carried out by …

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