Cat euthanasia is a gift from human to cat?

Pet euthanasia is a gift

A veterinarian, Dr. Karyn, explains why she believes that when you euthanise your cat you are giving them the gift of a peaceful end to their life. You remove some of the end-of-life pain and distress. RELATED: Is cat euthanasia ALWAYS painless? And it should be said that the concept of euthanising chronically ill …

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Is it legal to declaw a cat in PA (plus more info)?

Pittsburgh city council at work

Yes, it is legal to declaw a cat in PA except in Pittsburgh where it is banned. This is the state’s second largest city with an estimated population of 310,000. For international readers who are unsure ‘PA’ is short for the US state of Pennsylvania. Its capital is Harrisburg. It is a shame Harrisburg …

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Pets and people are becoming more equal on the issue of euthanasia

I am asking the question whether euthanising a cat with sodium pentobarbital is genuinely painless

It’s ironic but on the issue of managed dying (euthanasia) pets and people are becoming more equal. I have always felt that the status of animals needs to elevated in the interests of their welfare. Now we have this happening but at the end of their lives when it is too late! I’ll explain …

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Spaying and neutering is ethical while declawing is not

Declawing is unethical and de-sexing is ethical

Sometimes I see the argument that cat declawing is no different from de-sexing; the spaying and neutering of cats. They argue that they are both mutilations for the benefit of people. This is a poor argument. There are two sides of the coin with respect to spaying and neutering domestic cats while there is …

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Most veterinarians have ZERO training in nutrition

I might give the impression that I dislike veterinarians.  That would be wrong.  I like veterinarians and we need veterinarians.  I just wish they would be a little more honest when it comes to pet food and the declawing of cats in America. The title to this post are the words of a Canadian …

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Veterinarians are Bombarded with Conflicts of Interest

In the USA, in 2016, a new USFDA policy will ensure that veterinarians play a key role with respect to the use of antibiotics by farmers. Whereas people doctors prescribe antibiotics, in the farming industry and in food companies they can buy very similar antibiotic drugs over the counter and add them to feed. …

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Feline Kidney Transplants Pose Ethical Questions

Arthur received his new kidney on May 15, 2014. Arthur is a flame pointed Siamese cat, traditional style.  He was diagnosed with chronic renal failure about a year ago. The operation took place at the University of Georgia Veterinary Teaching Hospital. It was the hospital’s second successful feline kidney transplant using adult stem cells …

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