Ensuring the cleanliness of a Maine Coon bottom

Old man and his Maine Coon

Social media users are inquiring about how to keep their Maine Coon cats clean, specifically regarding the issue of fecal matter adhering to the cat’s rear (that was said politely wasn’t it 🙀). While Maine Coons are generally ‘self-cleaning’, this particular problem seems prevalent among the breed because of that magnificent shaggy fur. It’s …

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Tight headband around Persian cat’s head while being groomed commercially

Persian cat wearing a headband while being groomed

Well, I am going to get on my high horse and criticised this video. Perhaps I am wasting my time criticising the video because I should be criticising the fact that we have a Persian cat at a commercial grooming parlour. Persian cats have been bred to have very long fur which the cat …

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Infographic on domestic cat coat grooming care

Cat grooming and hygiene - human intervention

Here are some brief notes in the form of an infographic on human intervention in helping their cat to maintain a good and healthy coat. In terms of hygiene and keeping the coat in excellent condition, human intervention is only normally needed for semi-longhaired and longhaired cats (mainly the latter). Through selective breeding, the …

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Grooming needs of purebred cats

Some cats need grooming by their human guardians and some don’t. In fact, the grooming needs, in respect of human intervention, of the purebred cats of the cat fancy could be categorised into three groups; low grooming needs to medium and high grooming needs. High grooming needs: It is clear to most people that …

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What animal is it? Ah! It’s a cute matted cat.

Fluffer at AHS’ Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital™

This is one of those recurring “matted cat stories”. They pop up on the Internet from time to time. They are astonishing because readers can’t understand how cat owners can allow their cats to get into such a state but often we don’t know the back story. There may be an acceptable reason but …

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Police called in after pet groomer “skinned elderly cat alive”

The cat’s owner, Jamie Maietta, says that the commercial pet groomer skinned her cat alive when all he was in for was to remove some matting in his fur. When Jamie saw her cat she started to cry because of the state his was in. However her description of being skinned alive was a …

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