How long can a domestic cat go without food?

Domestic cat not eating

The question is meant to help cat owners who are aware that their cat has stopped eating for an unknown reason and the question enters their mind as to how long their cat can stop feeding until further problems arise. It would be an unlikely scenario, however. And, it is difficult to find an …

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Cat licks your passive hand and then suddenly bites it hard. Explanation.

Cat bites hand

My conclusion from my discussion below is that domestic cats can get confused when they are licking their owner’s passive hand at a time when there is no petting and relate to the hand as food, perhaps a prey animal and bite it. It is an instinctive mental aberration brought about because of conflict …

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Why do some domestic cats lick biodegradable bags?

Cat licks a cornstarch bag

Nowadays, biodegradable plastic bags are made from PLA (polylactic acid) which is derived from cornstarch. These bags are compostable. They are environmentally friendly. They’ve been around for a long time, at least since 2006 as reported on the Smithsonian website. The manufacturing includes taking corn kernels which are milled. Dextrose is extracted from starch. …

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Why do domestic cats sometimes use their paws to eat and drink?

Domestic cat (a Benga) eating with their left paw

If and when domestic cats use their paws to eat food or to drink water they do so in a very specific way. They scoop up the food such as dry food pellets or water from their bowl into their favoured paw and then take the paw to their mouth. Importantly, it is a …

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Are house cats scavengers?

Cats scavenging in Morocco

Are house cats scavengers? The answer is yes but domestic cats scavenge in a particular way by making informed choices while understandably avoiding foods that might make them very ill. When scavenging they try and ensure that their diet is varied to avoid a buildup of substances that might make them sick. House cats …

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