How long can a domestic cat go without food?

Domestic cat not eating

The question is meant to help cat owners who are aware that their cat has stopped eating for an unknown reason and the question enters their mind as to how long their cat can stop feeding until further problems arise. It would be an unlikely scenario, however. And, it is difficult to find an …

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Do Siamese cats have sensitive stomachs?

I believe that modern Siamese cats can have weakened immune systems which can shorten lifespans

Update April 2023: Pancreatitis A study reports that Siamese cats are at increased risk of pancreatitis. Cats with pancreatitis rarely display signs of abdominal pain. Cats are good at hiding pain as we know. But cats with pancreatitis vomit and they have “sensitive stomachs”. They might experience nausea. Knowing these things, it may be …

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Is your cat a picky eater or do they have good alternative reasons?

Why do cats sometimes reject their food?

The so-called ‘picky domestic cat’ eater is a concern to many cat owners. But they will reject food for a good reason and here are 8 possibilities. These possibilities do not reflect the behaviour of a cat who is a picky eater. These are genuine alternative reasons. So, it should not be puzzling to …

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Flat-faced Persian cat can’t eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Flat-faced Persian cat can't eat conventionally because the food goes all over their face

Well, this video is about people who are scared of cats or who don’t like them. They find out over the course of a week that cats can be charming and great companions. All of them were won over. BUT for me the interesting episode in the video is the flat-faced Persian eating from …

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Why do domestic cats love corn on the cob?

Cat eats corn on the cob like a human

I am not sure that all domestic cats like corn on the cob but judging by the number of questions asked on the Internet about cats eating corn on the cob and also judging by the video on this page of a cat eagerly gobbling up corn on the cob, it has its attractions …

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Why do some domestic cats grab food from their bowl and eat it off the floor?

Cat drags dry food pellets from their bowl and eats them outside their bowl

If you read up on what appears to be slightly strange feline behaviour you will probably find different answers. They are all speculative because we don’t know for sure why domestic cats sometimes grab a piece of food from a bowl in their jaws and then deposit that food in the area around the …

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