Inexperienced dog owners punish ‘Pandemic Puppies’ for problem behaviour

Study indicates that there are problem puppies in England because of a surge in purchases by first-time buyers during the pandemic who lacked experience and who have punished puppies for bad behaviour due to poor breeding practices.

NEWS AND OPINION: The Times and other newspapers have reported on an interesting study which looks at a companion animal phenomenon which has been mentioned before. The center of attention in this instance is “Pandemic Puppies”; puppies purchased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study looked at the motivations and behaviour of UK purchasers of …

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Sometimes cats don’t know when you are coming home but they wait for hours behind the door

Cat howls when left alone for 30 minutes and carries a lead in their mouth

I will tell you why a lot of domestic cats give the impression that they know when their owner is coming home. They don’t know exactly when their owner is coming home. They might have a clue plus or minus an hour or two. That’s if their owner follows a routine. But if they …

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6 signs your cat might be lonely. Discussion.

Lonely cat

This is a commentary on Dr. Sarah Wooten’s thoughts on lonely domestic cats and how they tell us that they are lonely (see video at base of article). How many domestic cats are lonely and bored? We don’t know. We should know. This topic gets mashed up with the idea that domestic cats sleep …

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Cat Spraying and Elavil

Elavil for anxious cats sometimes. Last resort.

The cat stuff Unusually (perhaps not that unusually, in fact) cat spraying and Elavil may go together. Cat breeders will suffer the consequences of male cats spraying as it is part of their natural way to mark territory and is part of the way cats communicate as they have a fantastic sense of smell. …

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How long can I leave my cat ‘home alone’?

Cat buddies looking out the window as it rains outside

It is a bit like asking how long is a piece of string because the answer is dependent on many factors. The most important of which is the nature and character of the cat and their routines. What are they used to? What do they like? They may be a largely outdoor cat who …

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Why is my cat anxious at night?

Yowling at night

Firstly, you got to be sure that your cat is anxious. You might be mistaken. But anxious cats tend to vocalise their anxiety through yowling at night or meowing. And they might find it difficult to settle down and therefore restlessness is a reasonable symptom of anxiety. Or a cat might hide to feel …

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Cat owners’ smelly clothes are NOT a source of comfort to their cats. Discuss.

A study dated October 2021 called “The effect of owner presence and scent on stress resilience and cats” concluded that the smelly clothes of a cat’s owner do not provide comfort and reassurance to their cat during their absence. This will surprise many if not most, even all, cat owners. It goes against the …

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Transitioning for cats and humans from lockdown life to the real world

Cat home alone

There is talk of anxieties in people and pets at the end of the Covid social distancing lockdowns which have been implemented in many countries. They are going to be separated after 18 months of being together far more often. Both parties to the relationship are going to be pulled away from each other. …

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