Can you request in your will that your companion animal must be killed on your death?

Richard Avanzino, with Sido, in 1979

It is a peculiar question to me but some people do request in their will that the executor of their will has their healthy companion animal, usually a cat or dog, euthanized (actually killed) after they’ve died because they might believe that nobody can care for their pet as well as they could. And …

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Can a domestic cat kill a human?

Cat attacks his owner

As the word at the beginning of the question is “can” I can discuss it theoretically. Theoretically a domestic cat could kill a human directly (physically) under very exceptional and infinitesimally rare circumstances but there are probably instances where domestic cats in countries other than in the West have killed humans indirectly by transferring …

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Asking a relative to look after your cat on your death

Dying elderly woman says goodbye to her cat Oliver

You should make sure that the relative that you ask to look after your cat on your death is both suitable and committed to the task. Common sense says that you have to discuss the matter in some depth with them beforehand. Suitability concerns the lifestyle of the individual, their attitude towards cats and …

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An elderly woman with cats is dependent on the executors or her will to be kind to her cats on her passing

Three abandoned cats

Here is a cat story which exposes a weakness in ensuring continuity of care for domestic cat companions after the passing of the cat’s human guardian. In Northwich, England, UK, three well cared for adult cats, aged about five, were abandoned in two cat carriers in an alleyway. They were two females and one …

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