Dry cat food which calms cats contains Zylkène which has been proved to be effective

There is one, perhaps only one, dry cat food designed to calm down the cat who eats it. It is Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Calm. The interesting aspect of this cat food is that it has 127 reviews on the manufacturer’s website nearly all of which are five-star and the overall rating is …

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2 hazards for cats when eating dry cat food

Some dry cat food pellets or particles thereof can be inhaled

I am discussing two potential hazards for domestic cats when eating dry cat food. First, though, I believe that some manufacturers make dry food pellets too small in the interests of cat health. I believe that the optimum size of dry cat food pellets should be the oral care type of pellet which is …

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Did Royal Canin Lightweight Care dry cat food give 5 Somali cats IBD?

Lynne Moorman and Tarek at the Sydney Royal show in 2019

WESTERN AUSTRALIA: There is a report this morning of Somali cats falling ill after eating a new version of Royal Canin Lightweight Care dry cat food. Lynne Moorman said her 6 Somali (longhaired Abyssinian) purebred cats become ill (one is non-purebred). Perhaps it was coincidence? The manufacturer stated that there are no issues with …

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Is Royal Canin Cat Food in India of Poorer Quality?

By Ayesha Husna (in India) Recently, there was an article that Royal Canin had changed hands with ownership and that they have changed formulations of their products too. And this comes as a horrid surprise, and true to that. There have been many reports and complaints (you can check the RC Complaint Board for …

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Siamese Cats and Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response

There is a connection between Siamese cats and Royal Canin Gastro Intestinal Fiber Response formula. Or there should be! My research indicates that this specialist cat food is effective although it is expensive.You can read Kathy’s comment in response to an article on megacolon. Her cat, Buddy, was suffering badly with constipation and was …

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