The importance of knowing the “birthdate” of your cat when picking up cat medication at a U.S. pharmacy


This true story actually happened this week to my friend Helen. I thought it interesting (and somewhat amusing) and wanted to share it with all of you. The point of this article is to encourage cat parents (and cat grandparents) … please continue reading

What medicine is good for cats with arthritis? Try Seraquin


Seraquin, a joint supplement you can buy online, is highly recommended by an experienced cat caretaker/guardian who knows about cat welfare and health having been a vet tech. It is not a drug but a neutraceutical and therefore very safe … please continue reading

How You Can Reduce Your Veterinarian’s Bill Provided He Cooperates!

This is about prescriptions written by American veterinarians and it is not hot off the press news. It is a reminder of how pet medicines are dispensed. We know that in nearly 100% of cases your veterinarian’s prescription is dispensed … please continue reading

Cat Parasite Control Complementary Treatments

Here are some tips regarding complementary treatments for cat parasite control. They have been approved by a veterinarian, Dr Fogle, and therefore, although caution needs to be exercised when administering natural home remedies of any sort, these complementary treatments should … please continue reading