Catching up with the exodus of people and their pets from Ukraine

Young woman refugee from Ukraine and her cat - her 'son'.

I think that it is useful to occasionally touch base to remind ourselves that the ongoing refugee crisis in Ukraine is still there. People are still suffering. Cats and dogs are still suffering with them. They are still leaving Ukraine to save their lives. And it always amazes me how calm and well-behaved the …

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US military contract dogs left behind in Afghanistan locked in carriers inside buildings!

American contractor working dogs abandoned in carriers in Afghanistan on the mass evacuation of people

NEWS AND COMMENT-AFGHANISTAN: This is shocking news. It is mad news, actually. American Humane, a non-profit group based in Washington DC has told the news media that the US military contract dogs employed in Afghanistan who did life-saving and dangerous work have been left behind to be potentially killed by the Taliban. In another …

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Unbelievable: UK households buy 3.2 million animals in lockdown

Social isolation during coronavirus lockdowns have encouraged people to adopt new pets

Online news media reports that a £500m investor plans to cash in on the cats and dogs boom. What boom? The coronavirus cat and dog boom. It’s bizarre and frankly disturbing if it takes a pandemic to provoke people who’ve not had a pet cat or dog before to dive in and adopt one …

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Pet insurance in the UK is becoming unaffordable

There was already a resistance to taking out cat and dog health insurance because it is not perceived as being good value for money by a significant section of British society, but it’s getting worse because the insurance companies are putting up the premiums quite significantly and some of the prices quoted are astonishing. …

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600 animals living, dead and dying left behind in Hurricane Florence in Robeson County

Phil spokesperson for K9 Rescue

Robeson County, NC: 600 animals living, dead and dying left behind in Hurricane Florence: “Dogs tied to trees, chickens floating in water, dead horses, animals struggling to survive and taking their last breaths of air,” – Phil K9 Global Rescue report on that an estimated 600 animals have been abandoned at one site …

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Dubai cat rescuer says that stray overpopulation is due to ignorance

Samah El Manzalawy and tabby cat

Samah El Manzalawy loves animals. She was born in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). She lives in Dubai. She rescues cats. She has looked after more than 200 strays and has rescued more than 300 cats. At any one time she has had 12 foster cats in her care. The number of abandoned animals …

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Animal advocates join together every day to save unwanted pets from evil humans

This is one of the rare occasions I sneak a dog story onto a cat website. I’m doing this one to show dogs are just as likely to be abandoned by evil humans as cats are. Thanks to animal advocates, a tiny dog in the Greenville, South Carolina area is safe. Please read on. …

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