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Cat arched back, the fear reaction

How Domestic Cats Should Fight Dogs

The best way for a cat to react to hostility and real danger from a dog is to attack and not run. Running triggers the dog’s hunting instincts. In addition the cat will employ the usual maximum size strategy: arched back, stiff legs, erect fur and broadside stance.

Cook shot the dogs with a .357 revolver

Cat Owner Kills Two Dogs Who Killed His Cat

This was a terrible mistake. This 68-year-old man, Stephen Nichols Cook, lost control of himself and as a result he may lose his liberty. I don’t think this possibility is out of the question....

Ginger cat on lawn is invisible to dogs

Ginger Cat on Lawn is Invisible to Dogs

As dogs cannot tell the difference between red and green they have great difficulty in detecting a ginger cat on a lawn or against any other green background such as even foliage. This makes red tabbies on lawns invisible to them.

When did dog breeding start?

When did dog breeding start?

Scientists tell us that dog breeding started about 9000 years ago. This is the time when people first domesticated the wild cat. You can see the huge disparity in the time during which the...

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