Are euthanised pets in pet food?

Pet food labelling misleading re animal species

Yes, according to 2 sources. This article is about American pet food. I have read a couple of excellent sources on this topic which I am revisiting after about 10 years. 10 years ago, I said that rescue cats and dogs that were killed at shelters end up at rendering plants supplying pet food …

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154 purebred cats smuggled from China to Taiwan by sea have been put down

164 smuggled purebred cats euthanised for biosecurity reasons

NEWS AND COMMENT – TAIWAN: I wrote about this earlier. It concerns a smuggling operation when purebred cats of great value are smuggled from mainland China to Taiwan using the sea route. The smugglers have been intercepted and the cats confiscated. It is now reported in The Guardian newspaper that, in total, the cats …

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You’re a coward if you leave the room when your cat is being euthanized?

Last moments of a cat before euthanasia

Ninety percent of cat and dog owners leave the vet’s consulting room when their companion animal is being euthanised at the end of their life. Are we all cowards? I couldn’t stay in the room myself but I didn’t feel like a coward. Perhaps I am wrong. Although my girlfriend, who my cat knew …

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USDA euthanised cats used in animal testing with shot of ketamine to the heart

An image of a cat at the Beltsville, Md., facility from documents already obtained by the White Coat Waste Project. (White Coat Waste Project)

You may remember the furore over the USDA’s use of cats in animal testing when researching the Toxoplasma gondii infection. They did this over about 50 years and almost 3000 cats were used in the research program. Need to Euthanize? We were told at the time that the kittens and cats were euthanized which …

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Greenville: Justifying the euthanasia of a cat within 72 hour holding period

Midnight euthanized too hastily?

Greenville Animal Protective Services have justified the killing of a cat within the 72-hour holding period. Midnight was a cat who escaped from his home on August 31st. He was returned to his family in a bag a few days later by Greenville Animal Protective Services. It is argued that Midnight was euthanized too …

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Cat defends himself and is put down to test for rabies

This is madness. It makes me mad. This woman apparently took in this stray cat, a tabby and white. She called him “Buddy”. She decided that Buddy wanted to attack her dog so she kicked snow at the cat – you can see it the video. This provoked and wound up Buddy who, unsurprisingly, …

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