Leo of ‘Pet Sematary’ fame dies of a congenital heart defect common in Maine Coons

Pet Sematary cat dies

It’s with great sadness that Leo, one of the cats who played Church in the recently released remake of Pet Sematary, has died. Leo’s adopter and trainer, Kirk Jarrett, announced the news on Instagram Wednesday. “Our family thanks everyone for all your heartfelt responses. This has been very difficult on our family. Leo passed …

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Calgary woman banned from owning, caring for or residing with animals for 15 years

duct taped cat

A Calgary, Canada woman has been banned from being near animals for 15 years after being convicted of animal cruelty. She abandoned a dog and cat in a storage locker at a storage facility in January 2017. Samantha Zychowski was sentenced May 23 and was banned from caring for, owning or residing with animals …

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The Nairobi River contains garbage, dead dogs, dead cats, dead pigs, dead babies

Nairobi River rehabilitation

The authorities want to clean up the Nairobi River. This river runs through the capital of Kenyan, Nairobi. Clearly people use it as a drain and chuck almost anything into it including the bodies of babies, cats and dogs. At the beginning of the cleanup they found human foetuses and other corpses. Fourteen bodies …

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