Inexperienced dog owners punish ‘Pandemic Puppies’ for problem behaviour

Study indicates that there are problem puppies in England because of a surge in purchases by first-time buyers during the pandemic who lacked experience and who have punished puppies for bad behaviour due to poor breeding practices.

NEWS AND OPINION: The Times and other newspapers have reported on an interesting study which looks at a companion animal phenomenon which has been mentioned before. The center of attention in this instance is “Pandemic Puppies”; puppies purchased during the Covid-19 pandemic. The study looked at the motivations and behaviour of UK purchasers of …

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British government briefly considered ordering all domestic cats to be killed

The British government considered killing all domestic cats in the UK during Covid

Cast your mind back to the Covid-19 pandemic which incidentally has not entirely finished. People are still dying of it. And remind yourself that this is a zoonosis or a zoonotic disease, one that can infect animals and the human-animal alike and transfer from one to the other which is how it started in …

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Chinese were developing a Covid-19 vaccine 5 months before it was declared a pandemic!

Picture of a throat swab taken by 2 veterinary staff at a Cairo clinic to test for Covid-19

NEWS AND VIEWS: This story is yet more evidence that the Covid-19 pandemic started in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China; a laboratory (‘lab’) allegedly linked to the Chinese military in developing a biowarfare agent based on a novel coronavirus obtained from a bat species found in a mineshaft in China. The White …

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US sends $1.3 billion to China and Russia (funding cat experiments) while their national debt relentlessly climbs. Michigan might ban declawing.

NEWS AND OPINION-AMERICA: For me, it looks very peculiar. Two recent news stories coming out of America just don’t square up. The US has just extended the national debt level upwards so that they can continue to pay the bills. The chart below tells you how the debt ceiling has constantly climbed and it …

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Bird flu kills five domestic cats in the United States of America


NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a worrying development. I’ve written about bird flu before and the fact that it is a zoonotic disease which means that it can be transmitted between animals and people. Covid-19 is also a zoonotic disease and we know how badly that affected the entire planet. And today, The Sun, …

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42,000 people asked the Dogs Trust to rehome their pets (UK 2022)

Dogs Trust rescue dog

NEWS AND COMMENT: Apparently, British owners can no longer feed their dogs because they are giving them up to shelters at a record rate. According to research for the ITV programme Tonight, as reported in The Times newspaper, about 42,000 people asked the Dogs Trust to rehome their pets this year as they can …

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