Do Bengal cats have sensitive stomachs?

Bengal cat smelly poo due to a sensitive stomach

The answer has to be an unequivocal YES judging by the information on the Internet and you can extend the sensitivity to include the gastrointestinal tract. Sadly, there is a lot on the Internet about Bengal cat diarrhoea and smelly poo. A lot of ‘experts’ have thrown their hat into the ring in providing …

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Infographic on underlying causes of bad breath (halitosis) in cats

Halitosis in cats possible problems

How do these 7 conditions cause bad breath? Here are the explanations. Kidney disease In one study, bad breath was noticed 1.2 years before recognition of chronic kidney disease by veterinarians. It would seem to be an early symptom which can be added to weight loss, decreased appetite and excessive drinking. It’s interesting to …

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Giardia in domestic cats and smelly poop


There is a lot of discussion on the Internet about domestic cat smelly poop😒. An unpleasant topic but one that needs to be addressed, nonetheless. There are many potential reasons for smelly poop. One reason is that the faeces are not, in fact, particularly smelly but the cat’s caregiver is sensitive to smell. They …

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Feline IBD – overview plus conventional and FMT treatments

Feline IBD treatment could be a raw diet

Introduction What are the symptoms? What are the causes? Treatments? Introduction Feline IBD stands for Cat Irritable Bowel Disease. It is not uncommon, hence this article. In fact, incidences of this disease have increased over the past 30 years1. It is quite a descriptive title for a disease because the bowel is indeed irritated. …

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95% of stray cats have worms and 57% scavenge potentially life-threatening refuse

Stray cat Australia

AUSTRALIA: A study published in 2020 highlights two major health problems concerning stray cats, namely parasites and the quality of the food that they eat. Stray cats are not feral cats. They are domestic cats that have strayed from their home for one reason or another. They might have got lost for instance. They …

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Adorable tuxedo kitten with big ears, big heart, no tail


Ceb found himself being cared for by Danielle at her foster home in Winter Park, Florida: Central Florida Foster Kittens. They have an Instagram page. He was an interesting little boy kitten because he had a tough start in life, which resulted in him having no tail because of a condition called Manx syndrome …

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Top three cat health insurance claims

Cat checked for health

This page discusses the top three cat health insurance claims in America as per five pet insurance companies (2018). Trupanion said that their number one insurance claim concerned undiagnosed vomiting and diarrhoea. The second and third were urinary tract infections and kidney disease respectively. ASPCA reported the top three as: gastrointestinal conditions, hyperthyroidism and …

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