True feral cats are smarter than domestic cats

Australian feral cat kills a venomous mulga snake

True feral cats are smarter than domestic cats. This gives them an advantage in survival. I’m thinking here of the true Australian feral cat living in the outback and surviving on an abundance of marsupials and small mammals that are native to that continent. It is said that the feral cats of Australia have …

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32 bobcats isolated for 30 years lost 15% of their genetic diversity

Cumberland Island off the US state of Georgia

This study tells us how the fragmentation of the distribution of a population of wild cats negatively impacts genetic diversity and survival. Small population numbers lead to a reduction in genetic diversity which in turn can lead to sterility due to inbreeding, which in turn again leads to a smaller population and a vicious …

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Do feral cats sleep as much as domestic cats?

Feral cat pictures

I’m sure that you can answer the question without much thought. Common sense dictates that feral cats do not sleep as much as domestic cats. The reason: they have to survive on their wits. They have to be alert. They have to find their food (non-TNR cats!). There is less time to relax and …

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Why do domestic cats curl up when they sleep?

Why do cats sleep so much? Seven facts about sleeping cats

Domestic cats don’t always curl up when they sleep but they often do. It’s the default position. Although, we do see some extraordinary sleeping styles for the domestic cat; being totally stretched out is also not uncommon inside the home. But being curled up and stretched out are linked. I’ll explain what I mean. …

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