Veterinarian’s hypocritical statement about cat declawing is breathtaking

Declawing cat

The hypocrisy of Dr. Joanne Carlson DVM is breathtaking. She is the President of the Illinois State Veterinary Medical Association. She is pushing back on a proposed law that would ban declawing in Illinois. Veterinarians normally do pushback when politicians propose a declawing ban because declawing is a good revenue stream for the vets. …

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Compared to the past, more cats like men for this reason

Female vets dominate the profession in 2023

There was a time when you could ask this question, “Why do some cats hate men?” Around 20 years ago that question would have been applicable and the suggested reason is this. There was a great preponderance of men in the veterinary profession. The argument is that because some domestic cats associated men with …

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Average domestic cat weighing 13 pounds is at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Diabetes tester

The average domestic cat weighing 13 pounds or more is at a high risk of developing type 2 diabetes mellitus. That’s just 3 pounds overweight for a standard-sized cat which would normally weigh about 10 pounds. The point to note is that it is very easy for a cat owner to overlook a 3-pound …

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Veterinarians face two opposing viewpoints from their clients both of which causes them stress

Female veterinarians are more likely to feel stress than men under certain situations

A study concerning three aspects of the provision of veterinary care which causes stress in veterinarians has produced some interesting insights. The first insight comes from me rather than from the document itself. Fifty-seven percent of veterinarians reported that they faced 1 to 2 ethical and stressful dilemmas weekly. Thirty-four percent said they faced …

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Why Tiger? Because He Matters

By Betsy Anderson of TJT (Tiger’s Justice Team) Although the TJT News Page is less than a month old, Tiger’s Justice Team itself recently marked its three month anniversary. We began as a small group of concerned individuals, united by our determination to pursue all legal means to achieve justice in the Kristen Lindsey …

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