44 percent of domestic cats hunt wildlife

Domestic cat and grasshopper

Based on a scientific study carried out in America over the period November 2010-October 2011, it was found that 44% of domestic cats allowed outside (free-roaming cats) hunted wildlife. Of course, this is one study about domestic cats in a suburban area of the south-eastern USA. I believe it took place in suburban Athens, …

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Stress during cat pregnancy might make her kittens timid and less adoptable

Pregnant cat

Dr. John Bradshaw in his book Cat Sense writes that if a mother is highly stressed during her pregnancy her stress hormones may cross the placenta and impair the development of her kittens’ brains and endocrine systems. The endocrine system refers to the kitten’s hormones. I wanted to check this and expand on it. …

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Speaking to your pet as if they’re a baby might make sense

Dogs process human speech like babies

Conclusion: dogs process human speech like babies. This is a complicated topic judging by the language used by the scientists who did the testing which is why I am thankful for the video. The research concerns dogs. This is because it is convenient to do animal research using the more cooperative dog compared to …

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Don’t F***k**g Breathe on My Kitten you unvaxxed selfish POS

Amusing mockup of a book cover

I just got this book from the library 😉. Judging by the response to this tweet, this mockup of a book is very popular (see it below). It’s been done very well. It amused me. Like 90% of people in developed countries, I am one of those who strongly believes in and welcomes the …

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Cat’s strong, clear, facial expression and strange sound signals annoyance about owner’s behaviour

Unhappy cat held in the wrong way makes a strange sound

This cat is clearly unhappy and about to attack but owner presses on and holds her cat the wrong way. The woman who is holding her cat (and I have presumed that this is her cat) can clearly see that he is unhappy by the expression on his face. But she presses on regardless, …

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