Help needed. My eight-month-old cat, Wesley, grooms my wife’s hair at 4 AM.

Domestic cat allogrooms their female human caregiver which is tricky because the hair is long

You will see quite a lot of this: domestic cats grooming their human caregiver not only on their hand or their arm but also on their head. It is clearly impractical because the hair on a human’s head is far too long for a domestic cat to groom. The hair gets stuck in their …

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Some pros and cons of pet health insurance

Pet insurance consultation

This is a complicated subject but there are definitely pros and cons to pet health insurance. I’ll start with the pros i.e. the things that are good about it. But I discuss things as they occur in a flow of consciousness! If I’ve missed something please comment – thanks. The first thing that is …

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Adorable, loving friendship between Pitbull and Russian-bred Maine Coon

Maine Coon cat, Earnest falls into the arms of Hemingway, his Pitbull dog friend

Samantha, on TikTok, captured a sweet moment between her Pitbull dog, Hemingway, and a Russian-bred polydactyl Maine Coon, Ernest. Hemingway invites a cuddle from his cat companion. Hemingway slides forward with his forelegs to make contact with the cat’s beautiful, plumed tail. The plumed tail and the lynx-tipped ears and the general appearance, plus …

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Cat bites signs of infection – including a possible infection from a scratch

Marking the area of inflammation from a cat bite

Before I talk about cat bites signs of infection, I would like to put cat bites into perspective. A cat that is adequately socialised (raised to behave reasonably in relation to other animals and people) and is decently treated will not normally bite you aggressively. They may bite instinctively in play because, for a …

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Natural cure for cat’s ear infection – from pau d’ arco to Hepar Sulph

Itchy ear

A natural cure for cat’s ear infection can become an effective means to end the constant shaking of the head and scratching of the ear that accompanies this common ear problem. Or it may alleviate the condition. While your feline will most likely dislike any remedy that comes in contact with their ultra-sensitive ears, …

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Cat zoomies: what do they tell us about human behaviour?

Feline zoomies

When people discuss cat zoomies, they invariably discuss feline behaviour. They tell us why domestic cats do the zoomies. It’s a feline thing. A problem of sorts. It’s amusing. You will see lots of videos of cats dashing around their homes in a sudden outburst of energy. Cat zoomies are particularly good on hard …

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Buddy demonstrates the triumph of the feline spirit over his abusers’ intentions

Buddy recovering. On the mend.

NEWS AND COMMENT: You may remember the story of Buddy. He’s a little black cat who was minding his own business on a porch in Philadelphia. He preferred to live outside but was cared for by his owner. A couple of guys walked by with their Pitbull-type dogs and set the dogs upon him. …

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