Ring toss game – the prize is a live kitten. Cruel and exploitative.

Kittens exploited as toys in a game in China

NEWS AND VIEWS – Xianyang, Shaanxi, China: The tweet says: “Ring toss game – the prize is a live cat. A stall set up with kittens in cages. The temperature was very high, and the kittens were kept in cages without water to drink. Some even fainted. Animals aren’t toys”. Sigh. I’ve seen so …

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WARNING: Video of man in China hanging a kitten from a string held in his hand

Man kills kitten by hanging it from a string held in his right hand initially and then tied to a post

The tweet states: “The atrocities just continue. May 10, a netizen photographed a man killing a kitten near Building 16, Yixinyuan, Pingyi County, Linyi City, Shandong, China. The cat has been taken away by the man. This dangerous man must be reported to police!” The person who tweeted (We Are Not Food) sounds desperate …

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Adorable tuxedo kitten with big ears, big heart, no tail


Ceb found himself being cared for by Danielle at her foster home in Winter Park, Florida: Central Florida Foster Kittens. They have an Instagram page. He was an interesting little boy kitten because he had a tough start in life, which resulted in him having no tail because of a condition called Manx syndrome …

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Italian military officer court-martialed for saving a cat’s life

Lieutenant Barbara Balanzon is an Italian military reservist who in civilian life works as an anaesthetist in Tuscany, Italy. However, I think she has recently resigned from the military. In her role in the military she served in Kosovo as a medical officer. One of the rules on the base, where she was deployed, …

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Kitten found on roadside stole heart of Cats Protection fosterer

Vicky is a fosterer for Wear Valley and Darlington Cats Protection. She writes the following on her website: I would not change it for the world, but what I would love to see change is people’s attitudes… towards cruelty, towards neglect, towards abandonment and towards NEUTERING. Neglect, neutering and abandonment are big issues in the …

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Pretty Cat Amongst Ugly Human Behavior

Marc found this webpage showing these pictures. I took a screenshot. It just tells a story about the ugliness of the human’s behavior set against the innocence of the cat. Quite a contrast. It does seem to sum up the contrast in the behavior of the ‘human animal’ versus the animal. A small vulnerable …

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